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Double Breast Pump - E15

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Standard flange size: 24MM

The new Design is a portable, compact, and easy-to-use double electric breast pump made to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

The portable breast pump is rechargeable for consistent use of 4-6 sessions, 4 modes, 9 adjustable suction levels cater to each breast to get valid milking.

Normal lives or nursing is no more an either-or question, get both.
What's include
No Name Material Heat-resistance Quantity
1 Dust cover PP -20~120°℃ 2
2 Massage cushion Liquid silicone -20~180°℃ 2
3 Tee Joint PP -20~120°℃ 2
4 Cover of suction cylinder PP -20~120°℃ 2
5 Suction cylinder Liquid silicone -20~180°℃ 2
6 Valve Liquid silicone -20~180°℃ 4
7 Bottle PP -20~120°℃ 2
8 Main Machine ABS -10~80°c 1
9 Base of bottle PP -20~120°℃ 2
10 Tube joint PP -20~120°℃ 1
11 Screw cap of bottle PP -20~120°℃ 2
12 Nipple Liquid silicone -20~180℃ 2
13 Bottle Cover PP -20~120°℃ 2

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About Double Breast Pumps

Is the double breast pumps covered under issurance?
Bellababy double breast pump isn't covered now. But Bellababy are in the process of applying.

How long and how often to pump breast milk?
Aim to spend 15 to 20 minutes. Plan to pump 8-10 sessions in a 24 hour period. Full milk production is typically 25-35 oz. (750-1,035 mL) per 24 hours.

How to clean and sterilize breast pump parts?
You can clean hands-free breast pump parts by thoroughly washing away germs and bacteria with liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. You can boil and microwave to sterilize. The time should not exceed 3 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Marc Mokoena
Very loud

Pump suction only works if you turn it high. If you're used to a level 3 on Spectra so, your going to need to go up to at least a 6 on this pump. Also, you need to lean forward unless you want your milk to back flow in between the silicon covers.Note, battery life is VERY short. First time I used this, I made sure to charge it completely prior to use. I pump in 30min sessions, and this died after 20min.This unit is not eligible for return, so I'm stuck with it, but at least it was only $50

Lola Adegboye
Does the job well

Its been a couple months now and still working strong. So many different modes and easy to take with you on the go. Easy to clean and easy to assemble

Musa Aigbiniode

Ok so I got the luna through my insurance and I love it but it's not the one with an internal battery so hard to lug around but I love it . I needed something with portability and so I got the Imani 2 pumps but they leak so much and had me crying over so much lost milk. So I researched for months and came across this one and decided to buy it based on 13,000 reviews and boy am I glad I did!!! I am in love with it so far . The different sections are great the levels are amazing and portability is a big plus! The price can't be beat . So if you want a second pump or just want a pump that is small ans portable this is a great one !

Simisola Balogun
My wife she love that amazing product Highly recommend for all moms

My wife she loved that amazing product it is noise but not that much so Im Highly recommend for all moms ????

Victoria Ahmed
For $50, I'm impressed

Let's talk about this little pump. I have a Spectra II and, until very recently, a Freemie Independence. The Freemie bit the dust. I bought this as a replacement. Impressively, this little guy keeps up with both.However, there are a couple puzzling design choices of which you should be aware.1. The power button takes a 3 second hold to turn on, which is fine, but a single tap to turn off. This means that if you're up and around doing stuff, it's very easy to turn it off. Whoops.2. No belt clip. This is meant to be a mobile device, but there's no way to carry it with you.3. Overzealous touch screen. This thing picks up the tiniest brush which can be annoying as a mobile device... And one without a belt clip to boot.4. Proprietary charging cable. This uses a weird plug instead of a micro USB or a USB C. There is a female USB A... But what charges with a male to male USB A? Weird.5. A little noisy. Compared to my Freemie, it's a little noisier. It's about where the Spectra is.None of these should stop you from buying this great little pump. I solved 1,2, and 3, with a lanyard, a rubber band, and an old sock. 4 and 5 are minor annoyances.All and all, a great pump for the price. Oh, and yes, I use the Freemie cups with it, and it works great.