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The new minio breast pump is a small, easy-to-use double electrical breast pump created to fit seamlessly right into your way of living and also share even more milk in less time, whenever and also wherever you are. With a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to six pumping sessions when totally charged and also an innovative USB type C adaptor for quick charging, you'll never ever be without power.
The portable breast pump is rechargeable for consistent use of 4-6 sessions, 6 massage levels, 9 adjustable suction levels cater to each breast to get valid milking.
What's include
No. Name Material lemperatureResistance Quantity
1 Flange 24mm PP -20~120°℃ 2
2 Horn PP -20~120°℃ 2
3 Suction Cylinder Cover PP -20~120°C 2
4 Suction Cylinder Silicone -20~120°℃ 2
5 Valve Silicone -20~120°℃ 2
6 Feeding Bottle PP -20~120°C 2
7 Engine ABS -20~90°℃ 1
8 Tubing PP+Silicone -20~120°℃ 1
9 Bottle Cap PP -20~120°℃ 2
10 Overflow Stopper PP -20~120°C 2
11 Nipple Silicone -20~120°C 2
12 Nipple Cover PP -20~120°C 2

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Why choose bellababy minio breast pump?

BPA free

Easy to clean

Multiple suction patterns

LED pump display is easy to read

Li ion battery, eco-friendly and long lasting use

MiniO Breast Pump

Is the minio breast pump covered under issurance?
Bellababy minio breast pump isn't covered now. But Bellababy are in the process of applying.

How long and how often to pump breast milk?
Aim to spend 15 to 20 minutes. Plan to pump 8-10 sessions in a 24 hour period. Full milk production is typically 25-35 oz. (750-1,035 mL) per 24 hours.

How to clean and sterilize breast pump parts?
You can clean hands-free breast pump parts by thoroughly washing away germs and bacteria with liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. You can boil and microwave to sterilize. The time should not exceed 3 minsv

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Marzio Marini

Ottimo articolo ma la batteria non dura tantissimo e non c'è nessun indicatore o avviso che dice che la batteria stia terminando

Peyton Weissnat
Amazing little pump

Amazing little pump the fact that it's portable is just great no batteries required, plus you can pump straight into the bag

Lucie Buyinza
Love this pump so far.

Just got this pump and was excited to try it and I needed to pump anyways.I got more with this pump than I have ever gotten with the pump I normally use.It has great suction for such a small unit.So far I love it.

Deborah Mariani
Davvero un bel prodotto peccato che?È durato poco

Mia moglie si è trovata benissimo sin dai primi giorni di utilizzo, peccato ieri abbia smesso di funzionare! Ne ho acquistato uno identico avviando il reso del primo. Vediamo se siamo stati sfortunati oppure il prodotto presenta qualche problema di longevità.

Refilwe Wood
Good portable pump!

When I first ordered I was skeptical because of not physically having the pump in my hand and how low the price is. Honestly, I was wrong! It's such a good pump and I love how portable it is! Still gets the milk out for my 3 month old daughter and just there when I need it! Such a good buy!