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Wearable Breast Pump - W40
Meet the Bellababy W40, the ultimate wearable electric breast pump that makes pumping a breeze. Enjoy the freedom to pump anywhere. Custom life control lets you tailor your pumping experience to your needs. Mom life is tough, but pumping shouldn't be. With the W40's...
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Wearable Breast Pump - W38
EFFICIENT & COMFORTABLE- Bellababy wearable pump is designed with 4 modes and 9 levels of suction strength.Providing moms different combines to optimize milk production in most efficient and comfortable way. STRONG SUCTION & PAIN FREE- Superior motor provides stronger suction,then optimized by the procedure,ensure...
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Wearable Breast Pump - W42
 🍼5oz Large-capacity Collection 🚀4 modes and 6 levels of suction strength 💦Easy to clean and assemble ✨Food-grade silicone
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Baby Feeding

How to clean baby tongue?

by Bella Bairn 03 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Why is my baby's tongue white?
Newborn babies don't have teeth, but that doesn't mean they won't need to be cleaned. After birth, babies depend on milk for nutrition; one of the main side effects is white matter buildup on their tongue. Babies don't produce much saliva and drink water, so it's difficult to flush off the residue. Bacteria can easily colonize in their mouths, leading to gum disease and a white tongue. This will usually start to happen around 3 months after the baby is born.

How to clean baby tongue?

When you clean white stuff off your newborn baby's tongue, here are some suggestions for mom to remember:

White tongue is not serious
After each time your baby drinks milk, give him some warm boiled water to rinse his mouth, it will be less likely to grow tongue.Drinking water can not only clean the baby's mouth, but also dilute the lactic acid in the mouth to reduce the growth of bacteria. It helps to keep your baby's mouth healthy.

If serious, there are 2 ways to clean.
Washing your hands is of prime importance to ensure their cleanliness.

  • Gauze Clean
  1. Take a small piece of soft cloth or gauze and wrap it around your finger.
  2. Moisten that finger with warm water.
  3. Hold the baby tightly and use your other hand to open its mouth.
  4. Keep your finger gently on your baby's tongue and start rubbing in a circular motion.
  5. After finishing the tongue, move towards the gums and wipe them clean.

Remember not to clean your baby's tongue, as this will lead to vomiting.

  • Baby toothbrush clean

We recommend using a baby toothbrush instead of silicone finger brushes. Because it is made of medical cotton. Soft, absorbent gauze for comfortable use without damaging the teeth and gums. We do not recommend using a silicone toothbrush for babies under six months old. This may cause damage to their mouths.
It is as easy to use as a toothbrush. Remember not to use it with force, and the mother always observes the baby's expression. This product can be easily bought on Amazon.
It's best to clean your newborn baby's tongue after every feeding session, but if you find this too difficult, you can clean his mouth once a day.

When to Start Cleaning a Baby's Mouth?

Babies usually don't have teeth until they reach the age of six months, but parents should begin cleaning them before then. However, a brush is not recommended for babies; a soft cloth can be used to clean their tongues.

How To Introduce Toothbrush and Toothpaste?

Babies or toddlers cannot clean their teeth independently, so you must supervise them in the initial years until they reach 6 to 9 years. Here's what you should do:

  • Squeeze pea size amounts of toothpaste on a damp toothbrush.
  • Show your child how to brush their teeth by doing it yourself correctly.
  • Now, brush your child's teeth with their toothbrush; try explaining what you are doing and the results so that they understand the process.
  • After a while, let go and allow them to go on without your help.


With brushing and floss, regular checkups with your child's pediatric dentist will ensure qualified oral cavity health. A healthy growing baby is a mother's greatest happiness.

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