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Bellababy W40, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction and Painless Bellababy W40, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction and Painless
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Bellababy W40, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction and Painless
Meet the Bellababy W40, the ultimate wearable electric breast pump that makes pumping a breeze. Enjoy the freedom to pump anywhere. Custom life control lets you tailor your pumping experience to your needs. Mom life is tough, but pumping shouldn't be. With the W40's...
From $39.99
From $39.99
Save $30.00
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Bellababy W38, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction and Painless Bellababy W38, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction and Painless
Bellababy W38, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction and Painless
EFFICIENT & COMFORTABLE- Bellababy wearable pump is designed with 4 modes and 9 levels of suction strength.Providing moms different combines to optimize milk production in most efficient and comfortable way. STRONG SUCTION & PAIN FREE- Superior motor provides stronger suction,then optimized by the procedure,ensure...
From $39.99
From $39.99
Save $20.00
Bellababy Hands-free Breast Pump - 8042 Bellababy Hands-free Breast Pump - 8042
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Bellababy Hands-free Breast Pump - 8042
 🍼5oz Large-capacity Collection 🚀4 modes and 6 levels of suction strength 💦Easy to clean and assemble ✨Food-grade silicone
From $42.28
From $42.28
Save $17.71
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Breast Pump Use Tips

Breast Pump comparison between Momcozy and Bellababy

by Bella Bairn 18 Dec 2022 0 Comments

 Questions in our email session triggered this article, not because we want to degrade or devalue any product. All breast pumps on the market are the same in terms of usage and purpose. There are only some differences in the function setting, certification, insurance covered, and suction level; we shall briefly discuss this now.

We are using Momcozy 5 Levels Wearable Electric Breast Pump - S9 as a case study; it has:

▶ Wearable, Fit Inside Bras: Small enough to allow invisibility and light enough to feel no burden, this pump can fit inside normal nursing bras for the whole day to get rid of "finding nursing room" and "repeated bra-offs" games.

 No-wire Pumping Around: No wire hassle, no constriction in one location, no meticulousness of movement, pump it at utmost freedom to get other things done well at the same time.

 10 intensity for good milking: 2 modes of massage and expression with 10 intensity levels in total render up to hospital grade 245mmHg suction to get valid milking. Happy for your baby, comfortable for your unclogged milk duct.

 Chargeable for 3-4 Sessions: One charge for 3-4 using times, no worry or interruption during work or travel. Simple operation with only 4 upward buttons with pressing outside your clothes, convenient and decent.

Let's begin with certification in our comparison; before we can compare any products, there must be standards such as easiness to assemble and disassemble, the breast pump must be able to be boiled and sterilized in the microwave, with thorough research, Momcozy and Bellababy wearable breast pumps can be boiled and sterilized, both are easy to disassemble and assemble just by following the guidelines provided.

Secondly, let's make a price comparison; the price of the Momcozy Wearable Breast pump seems to be on the high side compared to the Bellababy Wearable Breast Pump; Bellababy makes a product to be affordable even the average mother will afford to buy it, it cheap but not just cheap alone, its durable, and Bellababy provides an avenue of MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within seven days.

Cleaning and sterilizing breast pumps, accessories, and other items

Cleaning your breast pump periodically is essential for a safe and healthy pumping experience. Below is a list of the rules. For the sake of mom and baby's safety and health, it's essential to frequently clean and sanitize your breast pump while pumping. Here are our cleaning instructions for your breast pump.

How do I get started?

Before handling your breast pump, cleaning the parts and attachments, or touching your breasts, wash your hands

Are the components of my breast pump have to be cleaned before use?

Yes! Clean and sterilize the components and bottles of your breast pump before using it for the first time.

When should I clean the components of my breast pump?

Your breast pump's components and bottles should be cleaned and sanitized once daily after each use.

What parts of the breast pump do I clean?

The quick response is: pretty much everything! Every part of the breast pump that comes into touch with your breast or the milk, such as the breast shields, breast milk bottles, bottle lids, valves, membranes, and connectors, should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. You can avoid bacterial growth and dried breast milk residue by doing so. If you notice any residue or humidity, wash the tubing only then.

How do I wash the components of my breast pump?

You have two options for cleaning the components of a breast pump: in the dishwasher or a sink.

 Dishwasher: All separated parts can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher and then dried by air in a spotless location. Your parts may turn discolored after using the dishwasher, but don't worry—this won't affect how well they work.

 Wash Basin in Sink: You can also wash the components of your breast pump in the sink, provided you use a big bowl or wash basin designated specifically for your nursing equipment. Please make sure they never come into direct contact with the sink. Before soaking them in warm, soapy water for five minutes, all separated components that came into contact with breast and milk should first be rinsed in cool water. Keep Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap on hand to make cleaning easier. Each component should be cleaned with a fresh dish towel or gentle brush before rinsing in clear water.

How should my breast pump be cleaned?

You don't need to sanitize as frequently, even though you should wash your breast pump and all its components after each use. After they have been washed, we advise sanitizing your components and accessories once per day.

First, segregate everything that comes into contact with the breasts or the milk, and then properly wash your hands. Cover all the ingredients with water in a saucepan., then bring the water to a boil. Place the components in the boiling water for 10 minutes. Allow water to cool before using tongs to remove components carefully. Place the components on a clean surface or towel so they may dry naturally once you've finished cleaning. Always keep the components of your pump clean and cold while not in use.

Follow the Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags directions when using the steam method. For quick and simple end-of-day sanitation, these bags let you sanitize breast shields, accessories, bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and cups in around 3 minutes.

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