How to choose a suitable flange? - 3 Steps

How to choose a suitable flange? 

Getting the correct breast pump flange is extremely important when you are pumping. If you don't have the correct flange size, you could experience clogged ducts, discomfort, and pinching, which don't sound pleasant. Your ability to pump effectively may be negatively impacted by a breast pump flange size that is either too tiny or too large. So make sure to select the appropriate size. Below is the flange sizing guide that will help you to pick the correct size. 

What is a Breast Pump Flange? 

It is a plastic cup that comes in both a funnel and a cone and easily fits over the nipple. This cup creates a vacuum around your areola, allowing the nipple to fit into this funnel for the milk extraction.


How to find the right Flange size

You can use a measuring tape or a nipple ruler or nipple sizer to determine the correct flange size. Depending on your measurement, you could need to use smaller or bigger flanges than the typical flange size of 24mm. After you have measured, remember that while measuring, measure your areola. 

Once you've established the flange size, it's time to find the ideal breast pump, and bellababy is one brand you can rely on. Bellababy is committed to offering women high-quality, reasonably priced breastfeeding necessities. They provide breast pumps with incredible suction power, and their high-quality products eliminate the possibility of skin allergies or other problems. They give the perfect fit flange size that, with each pumping session, your breast will feel comfortable. 


Nipple-to-Flange Size Guidance

But remember, it is normal if your breast size is different. Your breasts might need a different size flange; therefore, you might need to buy one for each. Even so, the size of your flange might fluctuate as you pump. To make sure you are still utilizing the right size, So it is recommended that you remeasure your flange size before replacing your breast pump parts.

● If you measure up to 17mm, a 21mm flange will fit.
● Use size 24mm if your measurement is up to 22mm.
● Choose size 27mm if your measurement is up to 23mm.
● Use 30mm if your measurement was up to 26mm.
● Use size 36 mm if your measurement is up to 32 mm.

How to tell if you are using the proper flange size?

Your flange size is perfect if:

  • ● Your nipples move freely inside the tunnel without any redness or pain
  • ● Only a little areola is pulled inside the tunnel
  • ● You feel comfortable while pumping
  • ● Your breast feels softer and lighter after the pumping session


In conclusion, you must use the correct size breast pump flange because it will maximize milk output. If the flange you are using is the incorrect size, it could constrict the tissue and result in clogged milk ducts, even cause some diseases. Additionally, if the size is too large, it might not extract all the milk, which could reduce the quantity of milk. So, always consult the flange sizing guide whenever you are purchasing one. 



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Helped me out alot. My breaststroke were cracking and I was not sure why until I spoke to a lactation consultant. She recommended this link for my bellababy breast pum which I ordered without measuring and the one I have is too small. Thank you for the helpful insight and I plan to order the proper flange size that I need to help! Great company and pump

December 9, 2022 at 14:57pm

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