Bellababy Instant Baby Bottle Warmer - Display
Bellababy Instant Baby Bottle Warmer - Tank and Cover
Bellababy Instant Baby Bottle Warmer - add water
Bellababy Instant Baby Bottle Warmer - add water
Bellababy Instant Baby Bottle Warmer - using in room

Instant Bottle Warmer

  • DETACHABLE WATER CONTAINER: Tired of taking the entire bulk appliance to clean? This warmer helps! The water container is detachable and very easy to disassemble/assemble. You can even rinse it with one hand.

  • LED TOUCH DISPLAY: The Led displays the real-time temperature, and you can customize the temperature (between room temperature and 158 ℉) you need.

  • NIGHT LIGHT: A night light built-in for making formula bottles at midnight. You could set it off if you don't need that.

  • LARGE CAPACITY: With this large container, you don't need to add water frequently.

  • FOOD GRADE: The warmer is made of all food-grade material, has no plastic smell, and is healthy and sanitary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ram Gopal Goswami
Can’t really see where the water is

I really like this. It is so easy and gives you an instant warm bottle. My only complaint is that because of the dark color of the water canister, you can’t see where the water level is. It is hard to determine when you are about to run out of water let alone be able to see the min and max lines. I have just started to make sure that each night before bed I refill it as to not have to worry.

Maida Mante
Love it

Use it for night bottles and keeps water the PERFECT temperature

Chance Heaney
Great for night feedings

its easy to use but make sure its always filled with water cuz it can get super hot even if you set it to only 99 F

Wilhelmine Braun
Must have for newborn

Purchased two just to have in different parts of the home and love the use of this helps with all bottle makings and a must have

Funmilayo Muinat
Freaking life saver

It’s super convenient especially in the middleOf the night feeds