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Baby Wet Wipes Warmer

  • 👶{CONVENIENCE}Can put in a whole pack of wipes, no need to take off the packaging, no need water and sponge, large capacity and fit most major brands of wipes.

  • 👶{2 TEMP OPTIONS} 104℉or 113℉ desired temperature options for summer or winter, based on the room temperature. The screen displayed the real-time temp and the selected temp.F and C convertible.

  • 👶{PORTABLE FOR FAMILY TRIP) Come with a vehicle adapter, so the warmer can be used in a car to provide babies warm wipes out of doors.

  • 👶{SOFT NIGHT LIGHT)Built-in a night light to illuminate the changing table during a deep night diaper change. Avoid the room light glare to asleep baby eyes.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice wipes warmer!!

Very easy to set up, warms the whole pack of wipes in just 10 mins after plugged-in. This warmer has 2 temperature settings at 104 and 113 and a light for easy night time changes, it has a weight on it which is i liked for one handed use. It came packaged well with added cigarette car plug for on the go use, I am using mine with the wipes packaging intact and so far no issues!

Gulzar Garde
Best thing I didna??t know I needed

When this was given as a gift I never thought wea??d use it. But now I love it!! Diaper changes are so much easier when youa??re not putting cold and wet onto babya??s tushy. Love it and will give it as a gift to new parents!!

Katlyn Blick

So everyone told us we didna??t need a wipe warmer for our baby and I never used one with our first, but this time around I decided to splurge after a dazed midnight feeding with our newborn left me feeling like his screaming and crying was definitely due to cold wipes and not because hea??s 2 weeks old. Bought it on prime with free shipping and the minute we got it I was hooked. The warmer keeps the wipes toasty for his little butt, it has a glow light that makes late night diaper changes a breeze, and our daughter loves to lock and unlock the locks a million times throughout the day. All in all a great purchase and you should def get one! Dona??t listen to the haters that say these are unnecessary! Youa??ll love it!

Adalberto Fadel
Warm wipes!

Even in the summertime, wet wipes can be cold! My great grandbaby can enjoy the warm wipes I could only give his momma and grandpa with a warm everything is sanitary!

Jennifer Collins

Ia??ve heard people say wipe warmers are useless but we absolutely love ours. Our first one got ruined with a poo and I loved it so much I bought the exact same one again. Keeps wipes the perfect temp as long as you use correctly (dona??t have the next wipe pulled out too much). The light isna??t ideal ita??s actually really harsh and tiny but ita??s enough to see in the middle of the night combined with our hatch. This is just one of those little things that makes life easier and ita??s so nice to keep baby comfy in the middle of the night with warm wipes.